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Molding will enhance the look of any job. Crown, Base, Case or an Applied Decorative Molding can add value, detail and really put those finishing touches on the job. Molding can add character to any room and may be useful in covering drywall joints. Molding can be used to trim doors, windows and other areas of the home. Crown molding is a great transition between the wall or cabinetry and the ceiling. Base molding is a great transition between the floor and the wall. Base moldings are certainly more durable than most drywall. Casing generally trims out a door or window and makes it really stand out. Chair railing is used to protect the wall from chair damage as well as to visually break up the look of the wall. Be creative with moldings!

Lumber is ripped into strip approximately ¼” larger than the desired finished size.

Lumber strips are then run through a molder. The molder machines all four sides to the desired profile.

Ripped lumber going in the Molder.


6 heads cut and shape the wood to specific profiles.


Profile head cutting in the face of crown molding. Completed Crown Molding


Test piece not completely run through the molder.


Many other profiles are available to be run.

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Custom profiles are available for a slight fee.


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