Thermally Fused Melamine, now referred to as Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL)

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Artika Collection  
G87 Cannella Rustik G91 Carmelo Mist
G90 Dark Noce G92 Drift Loud
G86 Grigio Notte G88 Natural Rustik
G85 White Zebrine 529 Takase Teak
533 Midnight Echo 574 Natural Elm
576 Dark Elm 589 Grey Echo
596 Morning Fog 648 Ebony
W53 Arizona Cypress W64 Dahat Teak
W29 Gregio Pine W51 Richmond Cherry
174 Black 043 Pearl White
Legno Collection  
Tokaj Alder  
L01 Cerise L02 Sabbia
L03 Aliso L04 Ontano
L05 Alno L06 Manchurian
L07 Siberian L08 Andean
L09 Kyushu L10 Formosa
Walnut Tiepolo  
L13 Mayette L14 Lara
L15 Marbot L16 Parisienne
L17 Serr L18 Vina
L19 Valcor L20 Ashley

Fused Melamine panels are produced by bonding a melamine impregnated paper to a core. The process begins by thoroughly saturating a decorative paper (colored or wood grain) with melamine resins. After drying, the melamine impregnated paper is applied to a core, usually particleboard or MDF. With extreme heat and pressure being applied, molecular cross linking occurs thus fusing the melamine paper to the core. This results in a permanent bond.

A wide variety of colors and wood grains are available.

Fused Melamine can be used in commercial or residential applications.

Thickness range from1/4" to 1 1/8"

Widths range from 49" to 61"

Lengths range from 73" to 145"

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